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JLs Stillness

James/Joy and Nathan/Haley Stillness
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Welcome to JLs Stillness!
This is an icon challenge community, based on other stillness communities, dedicated to the lovely One Tree Hill couple, Nathan and Haley Scott (and their son Jamie!) and the actors who play them: James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Lenz/Galeotti and Jackson Brundage.

What is a stillness community?
It is a fanart challenge community. The 'stillness' refers to the fact that no animated arts are allowed. Most weeks the challenges will be to make icons, but sometimes they will be for headers.

How does it work?
Every week I will post a challenge. This will most likely be pictures/screencaps, although sometimes there will be themes, etc or both. You will have to make no more than 3 entries (note: the number of maximum entries each week may vary) that answer the challenge and submit them by replying to the entry the challenge was posted. Once the deadline is up voting will be put up and everyone will have a chance to vote for their three favourite icons. All entries will be screened so that they remain anonymous until the results are posted.

No animated icons.
When submitting your entry please include both the icon and the icon's URL so it looks like this:
Example entry:

You do not need to specify whether you want a banner if your icon wins UNLESS you don't want one. If you don't want a banner should your icon happen to place then say so when submitting your entries, otherwise I will assume you do.
Do not vote for yourself, or tell anyone else to vote for you.
Icons should be normal LJ standard; 100x100, 40kb, .jpg, .gif, .png
If you wish to snag an icon, please ask the iconmaker first and credit them. Do not credit this community.

Saturday: new challenge posted
Friday-Saturday: deadline for entries, plus voting posted.
Monday: challenge results posted

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